Management Saeyoung Park, Ph.D.

duty VP
E-mail saeyoung.park1@daanbiotpx.com
Biography Saeyoung Park joined DAAN Biotherapeutics in 2022, bringing over 15 years of experience in developing biologics focused on multiple disease area, including immuno-oncology, fibrosis, and infectious diseases, in academia and the biopharmaceutical industry. He leads DAAN’s antibody discovery & protein engineering programs.
Prior to DAAN Biotherapeutics, he held the senior research positions in antibody discovery and engineering at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Elstar Therapeutics (present, Marengo Therapeutics) and Initium Therapeutics, delivering several antibody therapeutic candidates to treat fibrosis and immuno-oncology indications. Saeyoung Park holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from University of Alabama at Birmingham and completed his postdoctoral trainings at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital with affiliation to Harvard Medical School, and University of Massachusetts Medical School.
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