Our science

In order to overcome the therapeutic limitations of TKI and immune checkpoint inhibitors, an alternative called "cell therapy” has drawn attention as a new treatment. In South Korea, most of the natural killer cell treatments under development are isolated from the patient's peripheral blood, and their application range is limited. DAAN Biotherapeutics is developing a new immune cell therapy against lung cancer that expresses T Cell Receptors (TCR) based on natural killer cells. Currently, most natural killer cell therapeutics are being developed in the form of limited antigen-targeted cell therapeutics through a simple proliferation of natural killer cells isolated from peripheral blood and administration or expression of chimeric antigen receptors.

On the other hand, our cell therapy products are natural killer cells expressing TCR that can selectively and effectively target EGFR mutations. By inducing specific killings that target cancer antigens, we are devising an innovative strategy that is completely novel compared to general natural killer cell-based treatments.